The castle of Angers was built by Saint Louis and his mother Blanche of Castile and it became the most powerful fortress of the kingdom.
The threat of the Normans led the first Earl of Anjou to settle there in the ninth century.
This castle is a genuine military citadel and today, it is known as the most invincible of France.

The tapestries of the Apocalypse

Discover the tapestries of the Apocalypse.
It took many years to weave them because of their huge dimensions:
168 meters long and 5 meters high.
This work illustrates The Apocalypse of Saint John, the last text of the New Testament which recounts the struggle between Good and Evil and realistically evokes the context of the time: the devastating effects of the Hundred Years War, the famine, the plague etc.

Our team invites you to enter the heart of this unique medieval enclosure and discover the oldest tapestries that exist today.