General conditions of sale governing the relations between travel agents and their clients are governed by French inter-ministerial order of June 14, 1982. SARL Val de Loire Travel informs the public that all demands of booking for any of the programs proposed by SARL Val de Loire Travel implies adhesion without reserves to the general conditions contained which might be applicable for a specific supplier or program.

The service or services being the purpose of a contract between SARL Val de Loire Travel and the client company will be defined in a document called COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL.

  • Reservation and Payment terms

100% payment by credit card is requested upon reservation. A receipt is systematically sent by email. Last minute reservations must be financially settled before departure, by credit card, by e-mail with a link for the payment or in cash. A receipt is issued for the client at the time of payment. Prices are tax inclusive and cover all of the services mentioned. All services are payable in Euros; SARL Val de Loire Travel cannot be held responsible in any way for the possible variation in the rate of Euros compared to the client’s company currency. SARL Val de Loire Travel reserves the right to cancel the service of the payment if conditions are not respected and reserves the right to cancel services the right to modify the program, with equivalent offers, according to the availability of and cancelations by their service providers.

  • Release of responsibility

SARL Val de Loire travel or the client company will be released of all responsibility if the organization of the event cannot be performed whatever the date of cancellation, in case of circumstances outside its control. The following is a list of “force majeure” events considered as outside SARL Val de Loire Travel or the client company control, releasing it from its obligation to perform the event, namely: war in France or client’s company country, riots, fire, strikes including transport, accidents, natural disaster etc. In case of a “force majeure” SARL Val de Loire Travel will attempt on the clients’ behalf to obtain any possible refunds of deposits from service providers.

  • Modification or Cancellation

Any cancellation, either partial or total, made by the client (except “force majeure” as specified in paragraph 2, involves the application of the following charges by SARL Val de Loire Travel.

Up to 7 days in advance 100% refundable.
Less to 7 days in advance: no reimbursement.

As ground destination management company, SARL Val de Loire Travel should select carefully its service providers and organize the trip or package with care.

Any changes made the consumer after confirmation of the order is subject to acceptance by the seller.

  • Insurance and guarantee

SARL Val de Loire travel Travel reminds its clients that they have ensure valid the conditions for entering the territory of French legislation.

SARL Val de Loire Travel benefited a financial guarantee by GROUPAMA and benefited insurance travel agencies by GROUPAMA.

An insurance policy covering assistance, cancellation fees and lost luggage is highly recommended to subscribe by client, as it is not included in our services.

SARL Val de Loire Travel reserves the right to charge a client for any necessary repairs due to the latter’s behavior, to interrupt any visit already underway in case of damage or infraction caused by the client, or if a client’s behaviour is liable to have an impact on the driver’s security or that of the other passengers.

  • Complaints

All claims should be immediately transmitted to SARL Val de Loire Travel and confirmed in writing, in order to find a solution on the spot. If this cannot be done, the detailed claim should by transmitted by email within a deadline of 14 days after the end of the services. After this deadline, the claims will no longer be accepted.

In case of dispute of any kind whatsoever, The Tours Trade Court of Commerce will be the only competent. Each party here submit to the exclusive and competent jurisdiction of such court. The French Law is the only enforceable one.

  • Pictures

The pictures taken during the excursions with the agreement of the models will be able to be exploited on the supports of communications of the travel agency Val de Loire Travel.
The model confirms that his authorization is given in full knowledge of the cause and without any counterpart during the reservation of his trip.
He will not be able to claim any remuneration because of the uses of the images.
The photographers expressly refrain from exploiting the photographs likely to damage the reputation of the model or from using on any support of a prejudicial character.